Download-Virus Effect Remover For Your PC

Virus Effect Remover offers the intriguing capability to erase the harmful effects of a virus. While we were excited about this program's possibilities, we were completely turned off by its puzzling layout, which makes it all but impenetrable for most users.

The program's interface equally impressed and baffled us. While it looks very professional, it was so full of options, commands, and visuals that we never felt comfortable or in control with it, even when we were following the Help file's instructions to the letter. This program's main function is not to eliminate viruses from your computer but to undo the damage after you've contracted one. This sounds like a revolutionary idea, and we were excited, at the beginning. Unfortunately, this tool proved to be too confusing and difficult to be made much use of. While the program offers tools that scan for clones, display running processes, find viruses, and over a dozen other options, it wasn't clear whether any of them made a positive impact on our computer. Most frustrating were instructions that show how to remove suspicious files but then warn against removing some files because they might be crucial to Windows' operation, which seems a pointless exercise. The program offered numerous special features to tweak and customize its operation, but that simply added another hazy layer to an already confusing program.

Virus Effect Remover is freeware. It installs desktop icons without permission. While it sounds great, its layout kept us from using it successfully, and we don't recommend it.

From VirusSecureLab: A repair tool to assist end-users remove the effects, of either a live virus or left over by a virus, in most Windows Operating Systems (see requirements.) Repairs and fixes OS items such as: Taskmanager Regeditor MSconfig Folder Options and it even repairs the Windows Automatic Update, bringing it back to full operation again. As well as many USB control options, not normally available in Windows OSes, to protect our end-users, against accidental viral infections carried by any USB media. i.e. Pendrive etc. Additional tools, help users track and kill the virus, and remove the infection from the OS. With just a single Operating System reboot to clear it all out, after cleaning is complete.

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